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Stop arguing about what a good man should be - Be one

Loving Partner.jpg
A Loving Partner

Become the man your partner fell in love with

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A Caring Dad

Your kids deserve the most attentive, caring and tender father they can possibly get. Are you?

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A Loyal Friend

There is nothing more valuable than a friendship with solid values and a deep trust

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A Trustworthy Leader

Lead by example. Emotionally balanced, calm and determined

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Daniel is amazing to work with.

He helped me to see my strengths and also some cycles that were holding me back.

He is very approachable and easy to talk to about all matters related to life and career goals.

Daniel is an insightful, thoughtful and caring coach.

steinex - Natursteinarbeiten

1. What Is The Dream Of The 10-Year-Old Boy?

Let’s find out what your inner boy wants. We’ll make a little trip in the past to have a chat with your inner child. This is key for your further life. It will make you smile and perhaps cry, but these will be tears of joy and relieve

2. Get Inspired
What if you get to know men who have been there before you?

Men who have liberated themselves from that heavy façade, men who are living free of constraints, pain, and suffering. Let yourself be inspired by men who are already living their dream

3. Embrace Your Superpower
You’ll embrace and welcome both your dream and accept reality as it is still for the moment.

We will set you free from fears, and imposter syndrome, and you will easily accept your momentary situation but above all your dream! This is a key step to getting you into your superpower and untangling your creative and divine powers.

4. Set Goals
Let’s fix your goals, breakthrough points and milestones to achieve.

In easily doable steps, we will get your mind into a state of “Everything Is Possible”. You will learn technics and exercises to keep yourself on track easily and to work on your dreams with ease and joy. You’ll be jumping out of bed to attack your goals (almost) every day.

5. Mindset, Mindset, Mindset
When coming out of this step, your mindset will be fully focused on your dream.

You’ll be in control of your thoughts and emotions, you’ll own the necessary tools to change your thoughts very quickly if they’re not aligned with your new, powerful and emotionally balanced mindset

6. Own Your Emotions
Your feelings are your superpower, your gasoline, your life as the real man you’re meant to be.

You’ll be self-confident enough to live your emotions openly, no matter what. With a combination of affirmations, diving into your beautiful soul and having conversations with your inner boy, you’ll discover a whole new world of being a respected man in business, a tender lover and a loving father.

7. Own Your Dream
It’s time now to go and live your dream.

We’ll make sure that everything you achieved so far, and everything you learned becomes your second nature and becomes your new reality for the rest of your life


When I met Daniel for the first time, it was for a small film project and we talked for hours on the first phone call.

Back then my passion was still a part-time job and he said back then why don't you make it your job.

He has a very positive mindset and is constantly working on it. I have the same attitude and values myself and constant further education in terms of personality development.

In the long time that we have known each other, he repeatedly gave me important and challenging food for thought.  Today I work in my own company and follow my passion.

His inputs also made an important contribution to this.  I am very grateful for that and can warmly recommend him.

Manuel Mandis // Founder & CEO // Mandis Productions